Black Contoured Thick Felt Western Horse Saddle Blanket Pad

Elite Saddle Company had combined comfort and classic design to create an attractive leather and felt saddle pad that is contoured to fit your horse's shape perfectly with protective leather patches on both sides to protect the pad from wear and tear.

The pad is 3/4" inch thick giving your horse's back protection from pressure caused by extended riding and has a cut away wither for a better fit. The contoured saddle pad weighs 2.5kg. The patches along the base protect the pad from the cinch and straps.

The pad measures 34” inches in length and 30” inches wide and will fit under a western or stock saddle.

Elite Saddle Company is committed to the design of quequestrian products. This thick felt saddle pad comes with bonus information that is emailed to you;
1. A Complete Guide to Leather Care. This guide gives you the secrets to lengthen your horse tack's life. Learn how to clean and care for your tack and keep it in top condition. This information can make your tack last a lifetime,ality 

2. A newsletter packed full of easy to read, straight talking information on techniques such as tips on washing your horse, saving money on hoof oil and feeding

The saddle pad comes with a 1 year warranty and is shipped anywhere in Australia. 
  • Price: AUD$120.00 (including taxes)

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Felt Contoured
Felt Contoured

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Felt Contoured Flat
Felt Contoured side view
Felt Contoured 3 4 thick
Felt Contoured Leather Patch
Felt Contoured sized
Felt Contoured Pad Flat Side View
Thickness Leather Patch Size