Choosing the correct size Girth or Cinch

Having the right size girth is essential when riding. This guide will help you select the correct size girth or cinch you need for your horse.

To start, you will need to know what style of saddle you will be using. Dressage saddles tend to have long points. Points are the leather straps that hang down under the saddle flap that attach your girth too. Because of the long points you will need a short girth.

GP (general purpose) or Jumping saddles can have either long or short points. If your saddle has short points you will need a longer girth.

Western saddles are different again. Most Western saddles have a billet system. The billets are the long and short straps that hang down either side of the saddle. The short billet is always on the off side (right side) of the horse while the long billet is on the Near side (left side) of the horse.

When you do up your girth the buckle should be approximately in the middle of the girth strapto allows room for adjustment if your horse puts on or looses any weight.

Here is a guide for different horse sizes.

   Horse                Western                 Long Girth                    Short Girth
    Size                   Cinch                  Jumping / GP                  Dressage

13hh - 14hh              30"                        38"-40"                        18"-20"
                               76cm                   96cm-101cm               46cm- 51cm

14hh - 15hh           30" - 32"                  42" - 44"                      22"- 24"
                           76cm - 81cm          107cm - 112cm            56cm - 61cm

15hh - 16hh           32" - 34"                    46' - 48"                          26"
                           81cm - 84cm          117cm - 122cm                  66cm

16hh - 17hh           34" - 36"                  50" - 52"                           28"
                           84cm - 91cm          127cm - 132cm                  71cm

To calculate what size cinch your horse needs - calculate their "heart girth measurement".

Measure from the base of the wither down to a couple of inches behind the horses front legs (where the girth would sit), under the belly, and then up the opposite side to where you started. This will cause your tape measure to run at an angle. Don't measure straight up and down. The measurement should be in inches. Once you have the "Heart Girth Measurement", divide that by 2 and then subtract 3 inches. This will give you your horses Cinch size.

For example: If your horses Heart Girth Measures 77 inches
77" divided by 2 = 38.5"
38.5" minus 3" = 35.5"

Cinch size is 35.5"