Choosing the correct size saddle seat

If you have never owned a Western or Stock Saddle before deciding what size seat you will need can be a bit confusing. Even if you do ride in a Western saddle, it is recommended you are riding in the correct size seat for you.
In order to get the right size seat, a person's height, weight and circumference of the upper thigh is taken into consideration.
Generally, it is a good idea to have at least a fingers width between your thigh and the pommel or Swell in front of you without your pants being glued to the cantle or back of the seat.
When sitting in a conmfortable position, you should have a little room behind you as well as in front. Some people may even like two fingers width for extra comfort.
If you ride in an English saddle the size does not transfer into the same size Western or Stock saddle. This is because the design and the way you measure a Western saddle seat is different to an English saddle.
The following chart is a breakdown of the thigh measurements and seat sizes. Thigh measurements should be taken while sitting. This is not an exact science but it will serve as a guideline.

40.5cm to 42cm thigh measurement = 13" Seat
43cm to 44.5cm thigh measurement = 13.5" Seat
46cm to 47cm    thigh measurement = 14" Seat
48cm to 51cm    thigh measurement = 14.5" Seat
52.5cm to 55cm thigh measurement = 15" Seat
56cm to 60cm    thigh measurement = 15.5" Seat
60cm to 61cm    thigh measurement = 16" Seat
61cm to 62cm    thigh measurement = 16.5" Seat
63cm to 66cm    thigh measurement = 17" Seat
67cm to 68.5cm thigh measurement = 17.5" Seat
69cm to 73cm    thigh measurement = 18" Seat


The table below is another way of choosing your seat. 

Rider Weight (KG)   Riders Height  







45kg-56 kg 14.5"-15.5" 15"-15.5" 15.5"-16"
57kg-65kg 16" 16"-16.5" 16"-16.5"
66kg-74kg 16" 16'-16.5" 16"-16.5"
75kg-84kg 16'-16.5" 16"-16.5" 16"-16.5"


Pear Shaped

16.5"-17" 17" 17"
84kg-101kg 16.5" 17" 17"
102kg-112kg 17" 17" 17"


Pear Shaped

18" 17" 17"
112kg+ 18" 18" 18"