Gold Pipe Snaffle with removable Hanoverian Noseband Strap

We have designed this quality black leather pony size bridle that is perfect to use for the dressage arena or for use as a great working bridle.

It has a padded Hanoverian noseband. The flash strap is removable giving you the flexibility of using the bridle as a plain noseband or flash noseband. Gold leather piping features on the noseband and browband.

The padded comfort headpiece minimizes pressure on the poll and it comes with stainless steel gold coloured fittings to maximise the life of the bridle. Leather grip reins complete the bridle.

The bridle does not include the bit.

Pony Size
Browband – 37cm
Noseband – 55cm Shortest / 61cm Longest
Bit to Bit over Poll – 86cm Shortest / 102cm Longest
Throat Lash- 88cm Shortest / 97cm Longest

Cob Size
Browband – 40cm
Noseband – 62cm Shortest / 67cm Longest
Bit to Bit over Poll – 92cm Shortest / 112cm Longest
Throat Lash- 98cm Shortest / 109cm Longest

Full Size (Sold Out)
Browband – 42cm
Noseband – 65cm Shortest / 73cm Longest
Bit to Bit over Poll – 95cm Shortest / 119cm Longest
Throat Lash - 100cm Shortest / 112cm Longest 

Elite Saddle Company is committed to the design of quality equestrian products. The snaffle bridle and reins come with bonus information;

1. A complete guide to bridle care. Learn how to clean and care for your bridle to keep it in top condition. This information can make your bridle last a lifetime.

2. A newsletter packed full of easy to read, straight talking information on techniques such as tips on washing your horse, saving money on hoof oil and feeding.

3. Direct email access. 3 emails for you to ask head designer, Annie Lloyd questions you have about your horse. What better opportunity than being able to speak one on one with someone qualified to give you the right advice.

The snaffle bridle has a 1 year warranty and can be shipped anywhere in Australia.


  • Special Price: AUD$99.00 (including taxes)

  • Price: AUD$109.95 (including taxes)

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Gold Pipe Leather snaffle hanoverian nose 15 web
Gold Pipe Leather snaffle hanoverian nose 15 web

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Gold Pipe Leather snaffle Hanoverian nose 2 web
Gold Pipe leather snaffle hanoverian nose 9 web
Gold Gold Pipe Leather snaffle hanoverian nose 14 web
Gold Pipe Leather snaffle hanovarian nose 3 web
Gold Pipe Leather Snaffle Hanoverian Nose 6 web
Gold Pipe Leather snaffle hanoverian nose 5 web
Gold Pipe Leather snaffle hanovarian nose 3 web
Bridle Noseband Browband
Head Piece Reins