Sheepskin Numnah 1/2 Pad White with Removable Shims

We designed this white dressage half Numnah saddle pad with precise anatomical contouring to aid in proper saddle fitting for use with close contact, all purpose and dressage saddles. The pad has a high quality cotton top and luxurious 100% sheepskin lining that offers exceptional closeness between the rider and horse.

The pad has 4 pockets with medium density memory foam shims that allows you to adjust the pad to fit your horse perfectly. If you find your saddle is a bit wide in front you can add the front shims to fill in the gap. If your saddle drops to low at the back you can add the shims to the back of the pad eliminating the use of a wedge.

Perfect for a thin or ageing horse this Numnah provides the added padding they need and is able to be used on any shaped horse. The shims can be removed so you can use it as a normal Numnah.

The pad measures 60cm in length and 48cm on the inside of the sheepskin rolls and fits a 17" inch + saddle.

The plush white sheepskin lining acts as a moisture wick eliminating excess heat and maintaining a cooler, constant body temperature. Strategically positioned the Velcro hook and loop billet keepers help keep the pad in the proper position.

Elite Saddle Company is committed to the design of quality equestrian products. This dressage half Numnah includes additional bonuses to give the rider the best experience:

1.  A complete guide to leather care. This bonus guide gives you the secrets to lengthen your horse tacks life. Learn how to clean and care for your tack and keep it in top condition. This information can make your tack last a lifetime.

2. A newsletter packed full of easy to read, straight talking information on techniques such as tips on washing your horse, saving money on hoof oil and feeding.

The dressage 1 /2 Numnah comes with a 1 year warranty and can be shipped anywhere in Australia.


  • Price: AUD$150.00 (including taxes)

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White Numnah with Shims 2 web
White Numnah with Shims 2 web

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White Numnah with Shims web
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