Flat Black Leather Weymouth with Removable Drop Noseband

We have designed this flat leather Weymouth bridle for competition or General riding. It is made from carefully selected quality black leather giving it a classic look for the show ring or dressage arena.

This bridle is easily converted from a Weymouth double bridle to a snaffle bridle by removing one strap. This means you get two bridles for the price of one to cover all your riding requirements. It also comes with a removable flash strap for even more versatility.

The Weymouth snaffle bridle has a 1.5cm wide browband and a 2.5cm wide noseband and comes with 2 sets of reins. The snaffle rein is plaited and the curb rein is smooth leather.

Whilst the snaffle bridle is more commonly used, the double bridle, in the hands of an experienced rider, is able to transmit more subtle commands and obtain more sophisticated responses from the horse. Thus, for more advanced forms of riding it is preferred.

The bridle does not include the bit

The cob size measurements are:

Browband: 40cm

Noseband: 63cm Shortest, 70cm Longest.

Bit-to-Bit over Poll: 100cm Shortest, 111cm Longest.

Throat lash: 97cm Shortest, 106cm Longest.

The full size measurements are:

Brow Band: 43cm

Noseband: 64cm shortest, 72cm longest.

Bit-to-Bit over Poll: 104cm shortest, 118cm longest.

Throat lash: 95cm shortest, 107 longest.

Elite Saddle Company is committed to the design of quality equestrian products. The Weymouth bridle and double rein set includes additional bonuses to give the rider the best experience:

1. A complete guide to bridle care. Learn how to clean and care for your bridle to keep it in top condition. This information can make your bridle last a lifetime.

2. 3 emails to head designer, Annie Lloyd. Use this opportunity to ask an expert your questions to improve the relationship you have with your horse.

3. A newsletter packed full of easy to read, straight talking information on techniques such as tips on saving money on hoof oil and feeding.

The Weymouth snaffle bridle and double rein set comes with a 1 year warranty and shipped anywhere in Australia.


  • Special Price: AUD$99.00 (including taxes)

  • Price: AUD$137.95 (including taxes)

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Flat Black Leather Weymouth Bridle 1 web
Flat Black Leather Weymouth Bridle 1 web

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Flat Black Leather Weymouth Bridle 6 web
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