Neoprene Support Boots Black


Elite Saddle Company designed this quality set of lightweight black contoured boots. The shock absorbing neoprene tendon is perfect for protecting your horse’s legs.

The boots feature a molded lining, quality stitching, 4 adjustable Velcro tape closures and the bottom strap wraps around the horse’s fetlock to provide full support. These extremely secure boots measuring 6mm in thickness which protect your horse’s tendons and ligaments and stay on when riding.

The Cob sized tendon boots are 25cm in boot height and are suited to a horse sized 13.2hh to 15hh.

The Full sized tendon boots are 27cm in boot height and are suited to a horse sized 15.1hh to 16hh.

The XL sized tendon boots are 31cm in boot height and are suited to a horse sized 16.1hh to 17.1hh.

Elite Saddle Company is committed to the design of quality equestrian products. The tendon horse boots come with bonus information;

1. A Complete Guide to Leather Care. The secrets to lengthen your horse tacks life. Learn how to clean and care for your tack and keep it in top condition. This information can make your tack last a lifetime.

2. A newsletter packed full of easy to read, straight talking information on techniques such as tips on washing your horse, saving money on hoof oil and feeding.

The tendon boots have a 6 month warranty and can be shipped anywhere in Australia.

Check out our video and photos for more information.


  • Price: AUD$45.00 (including taxes)

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Black sports boot 8 web

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